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Subject:52 weeks later
Time:03:46 pm
Wow, like my last post I haven't updated in long time... here anyway.

I haven't been recording much at all, only my own stuff found at www.thescoreoffchallenge.com

Those of you who read this blog also reads my personal one so this might be the last time I post here at my "studio" blog.

I bought a new computer, this time I'm mobile. It's an Aluminum Macbook Pro 15", 2.8GHz, 4GB of RAM and it's snazzy. I finally installed my recording software and the last thing I need to do is get an interface. I have sold some of my gear, I have plenty of things so I don't need as much to be as modest as I have been with recording these days.

That's about it!
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Subject:Where did it all must go?
Time:06:41 pm
Obviously, I haven't updated here in quite some time; in eighteen weeks to be more accurate. Nothing has been going on regarding the recording front. I have been working on my own music during the little free time between my full-time position at the Apple Store. I've been saving up my money and I currently have a nicely developing savings.

Every now and again I've been thinking about downsizing my recording gear... like severely. I'd keep like 4 mics, sell everything else, and buy other things. There are a few mic pres I'd love to have instead of a mess-load of the mic pres I currently have.

Having all this equipment is nice for a rainy day but it has been over one year and five months since I've engineered a damn thing so why let this stuff sit around collecting dust? I guess I'd rather have a small collection of the things I want. If I freelance the studio will have everything else I need anyway. If I do a remote recording I'll have enough for what can be pulled off with a home computer set-up. Can you feel me?

It only makes sense.
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Time:07:04 am
I need to do a proper update here soon (I've been busy) but in the meantime this is on the way:
Steinberg Symphonic Orchestra
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Subject:N4 is here!!!
Time:06:21 pm
When I got back from chasing around town I had an e-mail from Steinberg Upgrades that they're taking orders for Nuendo 4 w/NEK. Needless to say, I ordered the upgrade (I was N2). It's, hopefully, shipping on the 8th of October and should be to me by the latest, Wednesday. I know it'll have a few bugs but I can't wait! Maybe I'll freeze myself until it arrives.

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Subject:September update
Time:09:31 am
A few new things even though nothing proactive regarding getting any closer to pressing record. Not much new here if you read my other journal.

I picked up an Mbox2 with ProTools LE 7.3.1 and it's okay. I was excited about it initially but now that I've been playing around with it for the last few weeks I prefer Nuendo. I'll still keep ProTools around because if I go to other studios in town I can import and export easier, on my own time; especially if I have edits during the recording session and I don't have the time to bounce. There are features I like that Nuendo has but ProTools doesn't (and probably vice-versa, but nothing I use).

I was considering two avenues:
1) Stick with ProTools and "upgrade" with a 002 or 003 i/o, sell off Nuendo and i/o's
2) Keep ProTools strictly for transfer of projects, buy Nuendo 4 (just released) and save up for better i/o's

I'm doing the second one. Now that I see the options in front of me, that's the most appealing. If I became 100% ProTools, I would be a slave to their TDM plugs (they're really expensive and not worth the extra expense).

So Nuendo it is. I've been Version 2 for years so I'll upgrade to 4 once it ships in October. I held out on Version 3 and I don't really know why other than I never had the extra cash to spend and I wanted to wait for the bugs to be ironed out... then it just became too late, late enough to wait until Version 4.
A few weeks ago I met up with David at Livinghead Audio Recording Studio in the West Valley. It was pretty nice. Dave was a cool guy, it was fun talking shop with him. He said he'd answer any ProTools I have... I'll take him up on that offer, even though I don't have questions - yet. He's planning on purchasing an API console at the end of the year and that would be very nice. It's kind of a drive from where I live but it's a good place to know... add it to possible places to freelance (you can't have too many).
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Subject:August update
Time:07:53 pm
When Bruce Templeton was interning, well... more freelance than interning really, he let the studio "rent" a few pieces of gear. Out of the several things there's one item I miss having around:

Sansamp Tech 21 pedal.

It was fantastic! It brought new life to crappy instruments. Similar to a BBE Sonic Maximizer but more than just a high/low EQ. I decided awhile ago I wanted to have one around so I hopped on eBay and went searching.

There were plenty of them for sale, both new and used. Then I saw a few pictures of what was being advertised as a Tech 21 Sansamp but in a rack-mount version. A lot of the new gear slips past me most of the time, my attention is usually on older gear; very specific vintage items. I somewhat promised myself I'm not buying modern gear that I haven't at least tried and liked (or can't live without).

So, I bought a Sansamp Tech 21 RBI off eBay for a very reasonable price. I've used it a couple times already and it's just as good as the pedal version. In some cases, the RBI is better. I did have problems with the pedal when it was on loan. The switch wasn't very responsive and it had powering issues; maybe it was a lemon or poorly built? Anyways, I'm really happy.

Also bought a Yamaha Subkick. It's another newer-market item that slipped under my radar until recently. In some cases I liked to do the Yamaha NS-10 speaker as a microphone in front of a kick drum but it was always a chore to jerry-rig it. Solution: Yamaha Subkick! Another amazing purchase for a very reasonable amount of money.

Okay enough with purchases...

I've been checking out studios around the Phoenix area.

I contacted a handful of places and I got a few responses. The first one being Flying Blanket in Mesa. The place is in the final stages of construction (I guess it's been over 3 years now!!). The place is pretty cool. They have a very similar ethic regarding recording. They also have gear I'm familiar with... plus reel to reel decks.

I wish the rooms were bigger but I could work around that. My last studio had limitations, especially space. When I went to freelance places like Pachyderm and The Devil's Workshop, I was spoiled with huge rooms. It made things so much easier, plus it allowed me to get the drum tones I like (large, natural, and ambient).

Last I talked to Marcus, at Flying Blanket, said they're still on schedule regarding finishing the studio in September. That's less than a week away... the beginning of September anyway.

I don't know how the place could stand being in limbo for so long. I'd be pulling out my hair.

The second place that got back to me was The Saltmine, also in Mesa. The place is really nice. Don, the owner, spent lots of money on that place. It has one of everything, I'm not kidding. Well, what I mean is it has everything I've ever wanted... everything. They approach things a little differently. I spent a few days there getting the vibe of the place. Don and I talked about different scenarios but in the end I think I'll keep things on a freelance level. The Saltmine is out of the budget range of a majority of the clients I'd be working with; but if and when someone wants to go there in studio "A" I'd be more than happy to do it.

So that's where I'm at now. The other studios haven't got back to me (it's been weeks since). I have other studios I'd like to contact as well (as more research goes on).

--Adam Lazlo
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Subject:Time flies
Time:01:20 pm
It's already the end of June and I have nothing to show for it (work-wise).

I did attend the TapeOp Con a few weeks ago and that was very interesting. I had fun. I spent a lot of time at the Toft booth oogling over the Toft ATB console and asking a bunch of questions.

My Neumann U47fet came and now it's waiting to be used. It's in incredible shape. I paid a little more than I wanted to for it but considering its emaculate condition, I couldn't pass it up.

I also picked up four Audio Technica ATM450's. They're these side-address small diaphragm mics, sound somewhere between a Neumann KM184 and Josephson e22s. They sound great and they're inexpensive. I mostly got them for toms but I'm interested in trying them elsewhere, naturally.

I need to scope out the local studios this week.
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Subject:Mics galore!
Time:05:36 pm
My two RCA 74b junior's came back from some servicing. AEA (Wes Dooley) replaced the ribbons, replaced some hardware, deteriorated rubber, and replaced the silks. Now they're BEAUTIFUL, they've NEVER looked or sounded better. I was getting a little choked-up when testing them out.

They are my first ribbon mics and it took me years and years before I could send them in for much needed servicing. In fact, I should've sent them in the second I bought them (some 10 years ago).

Anyways, they're back and lovely now.

I'm waiting to get one of my CMV563's back from The Mic Shop (Bill Bradley). He finished it and I sent him a check. He must be waiting for it to clear before sending me my precious.

Damn I love microphones.

I just added a Neumann KMi 84 to my collection... along with a 1974 Neumann U87... two Sennheiser MD421 U5's... two Audio Technica 4050's, and an Electrovoice PL20 (RE20).

Once I get a job, I'm gonna save up for some serious toys... stuff I've wanted or wanted back in my collection but never had the money set aside to do so.

I'll be selling off some of my mics that I don't want/need in my collection. Probably won't be for a little bit yet.
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Subject:New kid on the block
Time:04:17 pm
I just moved into my new house in Arizona. Now I need to find some recording work. I'm no longer recording in my own home, no way. I'll mix and maybe some overdubs or vocals but nothing hugely amplified.

During my downtime I did buy a Telefunken R-F-T M16mkII tube mic. It's been getting some odd reviews and I haven't had time to check it out yet. I'm still searching for a great pair of close drum overheads.

Considering overheads I might:
1) Get another AT4060
2) Get another M16mkII
3) Get a pair of B&K 4006's
4) Get another 70's U87 and have them match mod'd
5) Get a pair of AEA R84's
6) Get a pair of Coles 4038's
7) Get a pair of Telefunken AK47's

Or hell... just get all that stuff.
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Subject:Winter cleaning
Time:11:43 pm
So, I'm helping out the guys at The Devils Workshop Recording Studio, and not just my recording engineering. They bought my D&R Orion console. I'm glad it's going to a great home but I'm going to miss it, the console served me well.

On top of that we're cleaning and purging a lot of useless things from their studio. It's also getting a new paint job, finishing touches for the vocal booth, and the introduction of a Studer A80 2" 24-Track. Mason Jennings is taking their old TAC console for the time being. I'm not sure what they're going to do with the 1" 16-Track, seems mostly useless with a 24-Track. Funny enough that 16-Track they have used to be mine as well. When I got my Otari MTR90mkII in 97, I rarely used the 16-Track. I held on to it mostly for sentimental reasons and the rare occasion I did a remote recording.

Other than that things are going smoothly. I haven't bought any new gear, I've put a temporary stop to that. I'm satisfied with what I have right now considering how well the last session I worked on went. Speaking of which, I just finished up mixing their (the band Yog-Sothoth) stuff on Saturday and it sounds great, very meaty with tons of low end.

No new sessions coming up, for me. I might sit in on a few sessions, time permitting.
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